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Kilbroney Integrated Primary School, Rostrevor
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Enrolment Number: 140
Admission Number: 20

The Board of Governors draws up the admissions criteria and delegates to an Admission Sub-Committee,
which includes the Principal, the responsibility for applying these criteria. Any references herein to the term
the Board of Governors includes any Sub-committee appointed by the Board of Governors for the purposes
of applying the admissions criteria set out herein.
The Board of Governors of an integrated school must use its best endeavours, in exercising its functions under
the Education Orders, to ensure that the management, control and ethos of the school such as are likely to
attract to the school reasonable numbers of both Protestant and Roman Catholic pupils. The collection and
processing of information regarding the religious/perceived community background of children set out above
is necessary in order for the Board of Governors of an integrated school to carry out its statutory functions
and fulfil its public task.
Parents are invited to submit a Kilbroney Integrated Primary School admission form as well as the Education
Authority application for enrolment in a primary school. It is a matter for the parents/guardians to ensure
that they provide all the information required by Kilbroney Integrated Primary School to apply its criteria.
This includes the religious tradition of the child.

In the application of the criteria set out below, the Board of Governors will seek to maintain in the total
number admitted to the school in the 2023/2024 school year an overall balance among all traditions.
In order to achieve this aim, Kilbroney Integrated Primary School will in the event of oversubscription,
determine the number of children to be admitted from each tradition.
The religious affiliation/community background (Protestant, Catholic or Other/None) of a pupil will be
determined by one of the following methods:
a) For parents/guardians applying for a place via the Education Authority’s online application you will be
prompted to and must select your child’s religious affiliation when completing the form;
b) For parents/guardians applying using a paper application you must also complete our school Religious
Affiliation Form/Pre-Enrolment Form which can be obtained from our school website or school office or you
can provide alternative written confirmation to our school. Your Religious Affiliation Form/Pre-Enrolment
Form/written confirmation of religion must be sent directly to our school by 4 pm 31 January 2023;
c) If the parents/guardian(s) do not supply this required information then the Board of Governors will treat
the application as being from those in the community who describe themselves as being from the
Other/None category.

Admissions criteria for entry September 2023
Updated November 2022
During the admissions procedure when applying the criteria punctual applications will be considered
before late applications are considered. The application procedure opens on 10 January 2023 at 12noon
(GMT) and an application submitted by the closing date of 27 January 2023 at 12noon (GMT) will be treated
as a punctual application. An application received after 12noon (GMT) on 27 January 2023 and up to 4 pm
on 31 January 2023 will be treated as a late application, this is also the last date and time for processing a
change of preference in exceptional circumstances. After 4 pm on 31 January 2023 no applications will be
processed until after the close of procedure on 27 April 2023.

Priority will be given to children who will have attained compulsory school age at the time of their proposed
admission, including those children whose parents deferred their admission to primary school in September
2022 as defined by the new School Age (NI) Act (both groups to be treated equally).
Priority will be given to children resident in Northern Ireland at the time of their proposed admission to the
school before those who are not so resident.
When considering which children should be selected for admission, the Board of Governors will only take
into account information which is detailed on the application or provided directly to the school.
Parents/Guardians should therefore ensure that all information pertaining to their child and relevant to the
school’s admissions criteria is stated on the application or provided directly to the first preference
school. Examples of such information include whether the child has brothers/sisters attending the school,
or is the eldest child in the family.

In the event that there are more applicants than places available, the Board of Governors has determined
that the following criteria shall be applied by an Admissions Committee of the Board of Governors in the
order set down below for children of compulsory school age.
1. Children who will have brothers or sisters (including half brothers or sisters, foster brothers or sisters)
in attendance during the 2023/2024 school year.
2. Children whose brothers and sisters (including half brothers or sisters, foster brothers or sisters)
previously attended the school.
3. Children for whom the school is the Integrated Primary School (Controlled or Grant-Maintained)
nearest to their home as measured by public road on a Google Map.
4. Preference will be given to children with exceptional circumstances (medical, social or other
problems) that necessitate admission to Kilbroney Integrated Primary School rather than any other
primary school. The circumstances should be personal to the child and must be supported by
independent and appropriated documentation, providing evidence of the circumstances being
described as being exceptional.
7. The remaining places will be allocated on the basis of initial letter of surname (as entered on Birth
Certificate) in the order set out below.
B N C P O A G R K T S E H U M J Mc D F Z W Q L Y V X I

This order was determined by a randomised selection of the letters.
In the event of surnames beginning with the same initial letter the subsequent letters of the surname will
be used in alphabetical order. In the event of two identical surnames the alphabetical order of the initials
of the forenames will be used.

Admissions criteria for entry September 2023
Updated November 2022
Note 1
The religious affiliation of a pupil will be decided by information supplied by the parent/guardian on the preenrolment form and/or information supplied on the application form at the time of application.
The Board of Governors reserves the right to require such supplementary evidence as it may determine to
support or verify information on any application.
If the requested evidence is not provided to the Board of Governors by the deadline given, this will result in
the withdrawal of an offer of a place. Similarly, if information is supplied which appears to be false or
misleading in any material way, the offer of a place will be withdrawn.
The school does not currently operate a Waiting List Policy.
The Board of Governors has determined that the following criteria will be applied for applicants to Years 2 –
7. In the application of these admission criteria the Board of Governors will maintain a reasonable balance
of Protestants, Catholics and others.
1. A pupil will be admitted provided that his/her admission does not lead to the enrolment number being
2. A pupil will be admitted provided that his/her admission does not prejudice the provision of the
efficient use of resources.
In the event of there being places available, selection will be based on the Year 1 admission sub-criteria.

Year       Total Applications Total Admissions
2020/2021 22                         22
2021/2022 11                         11
2022/2023 22                         22