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Kilbroney Integrated Primary School, Rostrevor
Nut Free School Just a reminder that due to allergies we are a nut free school.
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School Ethos, Aims and Values



Mutual respect and inclusion are at the heart of our integrated ethos here in Kilbroney IPS. Our ethos is not just something we aspire to but permeates all interactions and activities within the school. Many parents see the educational space that we provide, where children can play and learn side by side regardless of their ability, social, cultural and religious backgrounds as a mirror of the living and working space which is vital to our shared future. 

We started our journey to transform to Integrated Status 25 years ago  as we wanted to create an environment where children could learn together and reach their full potential.  The school has grown from strength to strength and we are delighted with the diverse school community we have here in Rostrevor.

Kilbroney IPS is the only integrated school in this area and this decision will ensure that all families who wish to choose integrated education will be able to do so. Our success has shown that integrated education is very important for families in this area.

We welcome children and parents from a variety of backgrounds, and offer an environment in which the children can grow and learn together.

The staff at the school work hard to ensure that

  • the children are happy at school
  • they experience high quality teaching and learning and reach their potential
  • the needs of individual children are met effectively
  • there is good communication between staff and parents.

The school would not be here without the efforts of both parents and staff, and we remain keen to ensure that parents feel welcome in the school and involved in their child’s education. Good communication between home and school helps the children to develop well in school and ensures positive working relationships for all.

The school has currently 135 pupils from P1 to P7. Our rooms provide a warm and welcoming environment for learning. We have fabulous indoor and outdoor facilities here in Kilbroney aswell as Kilbroney park facilities that the children can enjoy all year round.

Kilbroney: truly integrated

Integrated education brings children from different traditions together to learn and grow in one school. At Kilbroney it is our aim to achieve a 40-40-20 balance (40% Catholic, 40% Protestant and 20% Other). This balance is aimed for not only among pupils but also teaching staff, auxillary staff and Governors. Only integrated schools guarantee this commitment to an overall balance amongst all traditions and backgrounds. We believe the long lasting relationships between children, staff and parents helps promote mutual understanding and respect within the wider community. At Kilbroney IPS we are proud to be a fully integrated school and this ethos permeates through everything we do.

Aims and Values

Our aims and values are at the core of everything we do here in Kilbroney IPS. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

At Kilbroney IPS, our aim is to support, guide and encourage each pupil through their journey of learning, we do this through:

  1. providing an opportunity for children from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds to be educated together in an atmosphere where they are all equally valued.
  2. providing a Christian rather than a secular approach which will foster a greater understanding and respect for the different traditions in the community, whilst at the same time encouraging the child to explore and value his or her own beliefs and traditions.
  3. providing child centred education where the individual needs of the child are cared for in a caring, happy environment and one in which their creativity is encouraged.
  4. promoting the right of parents to be involved in the decision-making and community life of the school, while respecting the role of the staff as professional teachers.
  5. ensuring that all children will reach their highest personal and academic potential.
  6. ensuring that parents are involved in the process of integration, for their own sake, and not only on behalf of their children's education.
  7. Giving children an appreciation of their identity, in order to begin to appreciate the problems facing Northern  Ireland to-day.
  8. Developing a curriculum which will help the children to explore the world in which they are growing up, and to understand their own particular place in it.
  9. Developing links with other schools, and participating in a wide range of sporting, social, cultural and community activities.
  10. Encouraging self-discipline and thereby promoting positive attitudes and behaviour.
  11. using IT to support and enhance children’s learning and to develop basic IT skills.